The trailer for the Turkish horror film ‘ÜÇ HARFLİLER 3 – Fragman’ roughly translates to ‘The Boogeyman 3 – Black Magic’. It is full of really creepy imagery and magic nobody wants. Check out the trailer below.

Info translation is a bit sketchy but here ya go –

Erie events that took place between a woman and the tenant is named Flame story. My mother did not want to sit at home and old flame of the late childhood after his father died, gives home to rent. This uncanny and strange tenants moving into the flame, daughter Eda and her husband turns into a nightmare at a time of their lives Erol. Eve moved Wishes and Kadir are a newly married couple. Both of them are frightening events in the past and will haunt the family of the flame in different ways. Go to Flame accident and concluded that “Ebced Account ‘doing’ Yıldızname ‘the woman facing the scary predictions, learn some information about tenants. But what he learned will convert more land lived a nightmare of flame.

Which is one of the most acclaimed horror films in Turkey, director of the SICC and infested series Alper Mestçi new film ‘Three Harfliler 3 as finished shooting. The film Mestçi Magnificent Moments Entertainment and co-produced the film, brought together successful player of the SICC’s series. Is this the first SICC film the viewers’ She’s really visually impaired? ” said they discussed outstanding performance with eye fills child actor Merve Fire, SICC’s attention with the success of the second and entered the follow-up of horror film enthusiasts in Europe Seda Oguz 2 September SICC 3 will be released in Gundogdu involved Sea ‘met three Harfliler 3. July 1, 2016 will be the vision of three Harfliler 3 creepy poster also showcased. The film, shot in Istanbul and around the distribution of Entertainment Moments undertaking, director of Alper Mestçi scenario. In Music has signed with a minor Gözda.

Director Alper Mestçi