Some of the best horror films to date have come armed with subtitles and accents. If you have not caught a foreign horror film, you are missing out. Films like RINGU and THE ORPHANAGE are breaking through main stream cinema.

UNDER THE SHADOW encompmasses both a heartbreaking and sinister storyline. Set in the 1980’s, an era that a lot of horror fans can rally for, the film follows Shideh (Narges Rashidi) and her young daughter, Dorsa (Avin Manshadi) as they seek solice in the war between Iran and Iraq.

However, the war is not the only matter that Shideh has to deal with. After her husband is deployed to the frontline to tend to the wounded, an evil and supernatural force invades her home.

The story plot might see familiar as films such as THE CONJURING and POLTERGEIST are all weighted on the factor of the “haunted house” persona. However, UNDER THE SHADOW has brought on a fresh partaking on this type of film and has received positive reviews thus far.

Not too much has been revealed in the trailers; the film’s advantage. As seen in most films, some might argue that all the “horror” is revealed via marketing the film and the actual story has been left little to desire.

UNDER THE SHADOW will debut at Sundance’s Next Fest in Los Angeles on Aug. 14th and will hit the theaters on Oct. 7th.

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