Wednesday The 13th

Have you have wondered what classic horror match ups would be epic? We know about Freddy Vs Jason but have you ever thought about Jason vs Wednesday? Director Chopper Denton did.

The gang at Bloody Disgusting posted this the other day with the theory that this had not been seen enough and we couldn’t agree more. The film is a few years old but still not hardly seen enough.

A chance meeting between Wednesday Addams and Jason Voorhees turns into a violent and macabre game of cat and mouse. It’s The Braids VS The Brawn!

Starring ALEXIS BURNETT, DANIEL PONICKLY and JACK BENNETT as ‘Thing’. Cinematographer WB FONTENOT, Music by TOLY RAMIREZ, Sound Editor JUSTIN CRUSE, Make Up by EMILY FIORA PARKS, SFX Make-up by JERRY CONSTANTINE, Produced by ZOE QUIST & TRACY MORSE. Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by CHOPPER DENTON.