It’s official 🙁

Mike Flanagan director of what I think is the best horror film of the year HUSH, will NOT direct the new John Carpenter exec. produced HALLOWEEN film. Setting past rumors straight, the director met up with iHorror where he then expressed how he feels HUSH was the only HALLOWEEN-like film he’ll ever do and how the reason for his denial is his intimidation of John Carpenter (I thought it’d be an honor but..hey). Read it for yourself:

“I’ve already made my Halloween with Hush,” says Flanagan, referring to his most recent thriller, HUSH. He then continued on stating his love for Halloween and the intimidating idea of having to one up John Carpenter “Halloween is a perfect film; it’s one of my all-time favorite films, one of the films that most inspired me as a filmmaker, and I could never improve on it. The thought of trying, of following in Carpenter’s footsteps, would be too intimidating.”

The announcement for the new HALLOWEEN with John Carpenter on board was previously announced and currently stands to not have any other developments. Frankly I’m disappointed with Flanagan not directing! It looked to be so obvious he was going to direct! But, he seen that and made this statement shedding light on that fact:

“Because I’ve worked with Jason, on Oculus and now the Ouija film, it was a reasonable connection for everyone to make,” says Flanagan. “But when the rumor about me directing the next Halloween film started to spread, the project had just gotten started. They’re meeting with a lot of people, which I think is good, because they’re looking for the right director, which would not be me.”

But Flanagan did go on to bid his praise for John Carpenter and Jason Blum as well as go on to further explain why he’s NOT directing: “I think Jason [Blum] is going about Halloween in the right way, by not rushing, and by reaching out to Carpenter right at the beginning,” says Flanagan. “Getting Carpenter onboard was a smart thing to do, so I think they’re off to a good start. ‘Halloween’ and ‘The Thing’ are two of the most influential films in my life and my development as a filmmaker, and I’d be afraid to take on Halloween, because it’s so perfect. One of the reasons I did the Ouija film was because I was excited about getting the chance to improve on the first film. You can’t do that with Halloween, and I wouldn’t want to try.”

Flanagan’s currently working on his OUIJA prequel OUIJA: Origin Of Evil which is due out October 21st. The new HALLOWEEN still has no cast, plot or even big name attached, It looks as though it does not have much of a chance on being released 2017 as anticipated.

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