Winchester House

The Mansion Sarah Built

Last month we reported on CBS films picking up ‘Winchester’ starring Helen Mirren, Now some more casting news on the project that is awesome. says that Jason Clarke is in the works to star beside the one and only Helen Mirren to tell the story of the Winchester family, in WINCHESTER. Jason is said to analyze Mirren in this movie. Could you ask for more? Variety also reports that Michael and Peter Spierig are directing the film from their screenplay with Tom Vaughan for the CBS Films thriller.


Winchester, how many of you own one, or know someone that does?

For those that are not privy, Winchester is a gun.  As old a story as this is, it is hard to believe that this has not been covered extensively to this day!  Imagine…in the mid 1800’s a young woman named Sarah Pardee  from New Haven, CT married William Wirt Winchester and they enjoyed a happy life until in 1866 their infant passed from marasmus. As any parent would, Sarah fell into a deep depression, and her pain was further exacerbated by her husband’s death 15 years later from tuberculosis.

It was then said that Mrs. Winchester sought help from a spiritual advisor. This advisor suggested that Sarah move out west and build a house to contain the spirits that had been haunting her family. The reason being, the spirits haunting her family were all that were killed by a Winchester gun, and this was during WWII. (Do I hear a gasp?). So yes, Sarah went out west and built a most magnificent mansion to house these “spirits” on the advice of her advisor.

This mansion is so abundant with rooms and stairs that lead to nowhere and windows in floors that anyone walking through the house would think that whoever built it was out of their mind! Maybe Miss Sarah was. Combine losing your only child, your husband and every one killed by the guns your husband manufactured.

Crazy much?

To this day, they hold tours of the 160 room house, and its grounds.  There are so many options for tours; and this close to Halloween, if you are in the San Jose, CA area it is the most authentic haunt!  This is not for the faint of heart for a true ghost hunter!

You can watch a KPIX-TV Documentary film from 1963 at the following link.