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Indie Film Spotlight:

Today we showcase “Rapture”. It is an independent film out of Jacksonville, Florida that is the definition of grassroots horror. Directed by Royce Freeman and starring Kurt S. Poulin, David McKanna, Jon Herak, Jessica Guadix, Paul Murciano, Christian Griffis, Julianna Piechovski, Matt Vogel, Kristen Ballentine, Matthew Mercurio, Justin Simpson, Mike Perez, Marco DiGeorge, Megan Georgeo.

This film is currently seeking distribution.


“Rapture” story synopsis:

Wolf, the son of a preacher, is a broken man, who has lived a hard life which has blackened his heart and soul, sending him down a path of self destruction. Grace walks a righteous path, stark to Wolf’s, whose virtuous unwavering spirit may be his only chance for salvation. When Grace and her friends invade Wolf’s den, a storm ensues, testing their resolve and faith. Soldering on, she must fight to get through to him before it’s too late.

Please take a look at the trailer and promo video for “Rapture”. Follow them on Facebook and share with your friends if this is a film you want to see. Support horror whenever possible. In this community of horror fans we need to support each other because we all know how hard it is to get our projects made. Insanely awesome, Good, bad or just plain shite, we always applaud the effort!

“Rapture” trailer

“INSIDE THE WOLF PACK: Making of Rapture” Featurette

“Rapture” Facebook page


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