Even before his Sundance hit SLEIGHT has hit theaters, director J.D. Dillard is said to be in negotiations to direct a remake of the classic THE FLY for Fox. According to Deadline, Dillard would co-write the film with writing partner Alex Theurer. The two have collaborated on SLEIGHT, and upcoming films SWEETHEART and STRAY.

The last incarnation of THE FLY was brought to us by David Cronenberg and starred Jeff Goldblum as a scientist who inadvertently splices his DNA with that of a fly and Geena Davis as a science journalist and eventual love interest. The film has since been recognized as one of Cronenberg’s best films, its practical effects and body horror thrilled and chilled audiences in 1986

That film itself was a remake of the original 1958 version starring Vincent Price and Patricia Owens. With a similar storyline, a scientist works on discovering teleporting technologies when he is spliced with a fly. Both films are considered classics with numerous quotable lines and scenes.

After a series of short films, Dillard was thrust into the spotlight when his film SLEIGHT, about street magician who is forced to use his brilliant mind and his magic to rescue his kidnapped sister, was quickly scooped up by Blumhouse at Sundance. SWEETHEART, a horror-thriller Dillard also co-wrote with Alex Theurer and Alex Hyner and Blumhouse also quickly picked up, is currently in pre-production.

Although THE FLY is one of those rare films, not unlike THE THING, where the practical effects still hold up today, a refresh with current science and technology could open the door for a great story. While nothing is for certain right now, Dillard’s experience with science fiction and horror would certainly make him a good choice in putting forth a new take on a classic film series.

What do you think of the previous incarnations of THE FLY? Do you think it could use a retelling, and what would you like to see?