The Crow Reborn Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa Taunts Us With ‘The Crow: Reborn’ Image

Sunday mornings with cup full of “Holy Sh*!”. Jason Momoa lit the internet on fire this morning buy posting a crazy image of The Crow and tagging director Corin Hardy in it. Fans of The Crow have been hearing all sorts of rumors about starts and stops of a re-imagined film and Jason Momoa wants to keep the hype going as he and Corin Hardy have been wanting to tackle this story for a while now. Sony holds the rights and the key but if Justice League and Aquaman do well there’s a good chance Sony will give them the keys to the franchise. Jason Momoa is money and his fans love him He is bad ass!


I’ve been waiting for sooooo long. @corinhardy let’s do this brother aloha j

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I wasn’t hopeful about remaking The Crow until Jason threw his hat in the ring. Fingers crossed it happens.