Fans got an early look at the new thriller series THE SINNER tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival, and afterwards were treated to a Q&A session with executive producer and director of the pilot Antonio Campos, executive producer Derek Simonds, executive producer and cast member Jessica Biel, and cast members Christopher Abbott and Bill Pullman.

The Tribeca site lists the series synopsis as “A young mother is overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage and commits a startling act of violence. The event launches an inverted and utterly surprising crime thriller whose driving force is not the “who” or the “what,”—but the “why.” Soon the investigator finds himself obsessed with uncovering the woman’s buried motive. THE SINNER is a riveting psychological thriller, stylishly directed by acclaimed filmmaker Antonio Campos (Afterschool, Christine),” and includes details on each of the stars of the show.


Variety said of the pilot episode:

“…Biel is committed, Bill Pullman is comfortably playing to type, and Abbott is an injection of complicated realism in a show that could otherwise veer into sensationalism. Though Biel’s Cora is presented as the emotional heart of the show, it’s Pullman, as Detective Harry Ambrose, who ends up picking up the story while Cora awaits the justice system’s determination of her fate.”

The 8-episode event series is based on German crime author Petra Hammesfahr’s novel of the same name. THE SINNER is set to premiere on USA on August 2, 2017.