Jurassic World Fallen KIngdom

Y’all knew this was coming. Another JP sequel, I am sure, was in the works immediately after the release of the highly successful 2015 blockbuster, JURASSIC WORLD. I, for one, was a fan; introducing Indominus and Mosasaurus to Hollywood was sheer genius in my eyes. Because, the creation of these dino’s creative wise, was pretty impressive.  I am not mad at a little Chris Pratt action either.

One aspect of the film that I didn’t enjoy is the heavy use of CGI. In the original JURASSIC PARK, the appeal was generated towards these entities being animatronics, which brought the whole “real factor” to another level. Pair that up with the fact that this was one of the first films to actually bring believable animals to life, and, you got yourself a blockbuster, folks. So, it was refreshing to know that CGI use in the new JW 2, will not be heavy.

To be quite honest, the JURASSIC PARK franchise suffered with 2 and 3, being some of the worst films to date. There was no commercial appeal that I felt gave the original the justice it deserved. The story lines were tired and the dino’s looked they belonged in the sad park of the Six Flags in Vallejo, California.

That is, until JURASSIC WORLD, came to tinsel town. There has been some news coming out of Hollywood surrounding the sequel which is reportedly to be set to hit theater’s June 22, 2018. 

Jurassic Outpost hashed it out with Colin Trevorrow (Writer and Director of JURASSIC WORLD) and even brought in JURASSIC WORLD 2 director J.A. Bayona in  to spill the deets on this highly anticipated sequel.

Trevorrow stated that the film will be:

“More suspenseful and scary. It’s just the way it’s designed; it’s the way the story plays out. I knew I wanted Bayona to direct it long before anyone ever heard that it was a possibility, so the whole thing was just built around his skill set.”

In addition, he also stated that: We’ve written some opportunities for animatronics into [ Jurassic World 2]—because it has to start at the script level—and I can definitely tell you that Bayona has the same priorities, he is all about going practical whenever possible.”

As we all know, Bayona has a horror background, an element that surely will reflect in the film. Horror and Dino DNA? Hold on to your butts! 

I am so effin stoked.  Until then, let’s check out my favorite scene from JURASSIC WORLD as we patiently wait a few years to see the sequel.

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