Our homes provide us shelter and a safe place to lay our heads, that is until someone invades and separates our head from our body and our home. Home invasion films have always held a special place for horror fans and there’s always a new one around the corner waiting to terrify us. Here’s five fantastic home invasion films that’ll have you bolting the doors and windows.

5. The Aggression Scale- Steven C. Miller’s uber violet R rated take on a home invasion is the perfect film to watch if you want to see what would happen if Home Alone were a horror film. With a stellar cast that includes Ray Wise, Dana Ashbrook, and Derek Mears after watching this one you’ll have plenty of killer booby trap ideas to keep the invaders away.


4. Bone- Larry Cohen plays it to the Bone with his tale of a thief (Yaphet Kotto) who breaks into a wealthy couples home only to find out that the couple isn’t as wealthy as he expected. This is an underappreciated gem in Larry Cohen’s filmography and one that’s sure to please.


3. Funny Games- Michael Haneke’s take on the sub-genre is a bone chilling classic that’s thrilled and chilled viewers since it’s initial release. With such a bleak outlook on violence and lack of remorse from the antagonists this film divides viewers right down the middle. The film’s raw power is undeniable and guaranteed to elicit a response.


2. Alone in the Dark- Jack Sholder’s 80’s horror gem is a film that has provided inspiration to a generation of filmmaker’s. The bleak tone mixed with the blackest of humor still hits all of the right notes. All bets are off when a group of mental patients escape the asylum to attack the new doctor and his family. As an added bonus this film easily features one of the best ensemble casts in horror history.


1.  Inside- Being alone on Christmas Eve and on the brink of giving birth isn’t the happiest of times but when a mysterious woman arrives at your home and is hellbent on removing the baby from your body it can’t possibly get any worse. Or better in the case of horror fans. I first watched this film the night before my oldest son was born and Jesus that was a bad choice of timing. Mixing extreme gore with true emotional heartbreak makes Inside a must see for all fans of the genre.



Let us know what home invasion films make you tremble and shriek with glee. If you haven’t seen these five gems make a night of it and pray that no one knows your home.