Beacon Point

We all have a fascination of the woods. We like to camp out in it.  Sometimes weeks at a time or just to take a stroll for the day to marvel over lush nature. There is something so beleaguering about the open plains.

Then there are the filmmakers who are destined to transform the spacious quarters into something more malicious; spinning different tales of what goes bump in the night.

Beacon Point

BEACON POINT is the newest addition to a treasure cove of horror hitting the airwaves in 2017. The film is written, produced, and directed by Eric Blue with Traci Carroll serving as a co-writer. The film follows a group of adventurers heading into the wilderness headed by tour guide Jon Briddell (Drake Jacobs).  He comes off as no boy scout, nor is he personable. Two traits I personally look for when I wander into unknown territories willingly. As always, a malicious entity threatens the survival of these hikers. And at every turn they seem to escape some sort of death yet still manage to continue on their journey.

The film is cinematically shot well; no found footage type lurking when someone picks up a camcorder or phone. The acting is well done and believable for a group of strangers willing to risk heading into the unknown not knowing of each other’s background or intent. The fact that there is only one female character in the hike is a bit mysterious too. Muddled into the storylines are the typical cliches you find in horror films that stray more away from horror and rely more on jump scares and mysterious characters that are suspect.

Beacon Point

In all obviousness, anytime you leave for a hike, you risk your life. Hence, the log-line of the film that reads as “A group of hikers lost on the Appalachian Trail stumble across an ancient secret that threatens their survival” does set up a pretty stagnant story line and some viewers may pass for the indistinguishable plot. However, the ending of the film is very different and unique to what horror fans are accustomed to. The “villain” of the film is well thought out and provokes more questions which could lead to a sequel in terms of a horror flick. But then again, one look at the movie poster and you might have a good hint as to what it could be.

The film includes a cast that is well versed in horror including Jon Briddell (MIDNIGHT MOVIE, 11/11/11), Randall Taylor (ROBOCOP 3), Jayson Warner Smith (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES), Rae Oliver (HOUSE OF GOOD AND EVIL) as well as Takara Clark and Eric Goins.

BEACON POINT will be available on VOD May 2.

What do you guys think? As always, I value your thoughts. Drop me a line peeps!