No One Wants to Live in Buffalo Bill’s House

Scott and Barbara Lloyd have lived in a sturdy, 4-bedroom Victorian home in rural Pennsylvania since the mid 1970’s; they raised a family there. Now in their twilight years, the couple wants to downsize by moving into a smaller, Ranch style home a few miles away. What’s holding them back is an inability to sell their current property. Despite being one of the most viewed homes on in 2015, no one has made an offer—even after the Lloyds slashed their asking price by $50K.
You might suspect it was the scene of a grisly crime, and you’d be half-right. For three days in 1990, the house in Layton was a film set; it became the infamous home of sadistic serial killer Buffalo Bill in the Oscar-sweeping masterpiece, The Silence of the Lambs. So while millions flocked to gawk at interior pictures online, the traffic hasn’t translated into a single offer.
No there’s not actually a pit in the basement (those scenes were actually filmed on a soundstage) but perhaps more terrifying for modern families: There’s only one bathroom. (Do you hear that? It’s a chorus of teenage girls screaming!) Not to mention the fact that the property is pretty far off the beaten path. So while the home is a bona fide curiosity, it’s just not someplace a lot of people want to live in.

If you ask me, Scott and Barbara should install an actual dungeon, flood the foyer with moths, and turn the home into a horror destination! Install an animatronic Agent Starling in night vision goggles, and another of Jame Gumb in a skin suit (asking visitor, “Would you fuck me?”) and genre freaks will line up around the block!
Hurry and they can open in time to celebrate The Silence of the Lamb’s 25th Anniversary. The seminal thriller was released in 1991 on February 14th. It went on to influence genre favorites like Seven and the Saw franchise. The house deserves to be a historical landmark!

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