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25 Horror Films That Might Kill Your Sex Life

25 Horror Films That Might Kill Your Sex Life If you want to get lucky at the end of date night you might not want to watch these films, or...

Two More Mad Max films, George Miller Confirms

The director of Mad Max: Fury Road has confirmed that he has two more Max-themed films in the works, coming your way soon. George Miller said that bringing Fury Road to...

EXCLUSIVE: Horror Destination to Include Replica “Texas Chainsaw” House!

Way back on January 8th, The Blood-Shed was the first horror outlet to break the story of a horror destination under construction at the site of the original Texas...

6 Scary Movies For Kids This Halloween

It doesn’t matter how old we get, when Halloween rolls around, we get to be silly and immature and act like a kid again, and that is just plain...

Scream Queens Takes A Shot At Taylor Swift

If anyone remembers last year when Taylor Swift was giving out "Swiftmas"  gifts to her fans for Xmas and making them faint on command then you might have fun...

Funko News! Garbage Pail Kids Really Big Mystery Mini line

I remember endlessly collecting them. Tearing open the packages to see what new gross and disgusting cards were waiting for me.Te Garbage Pail collection started in 1985 and is...

Top 10 Stephen King films

Everybody knows who Stephen King is. His stories have scared countless. This is the time of year when we start thinking about the things that go bump in the...

34 Freaky Facts About The Scary Movies We Love

1. The mask in ‘Halloween’ is actually William Shatner’s face. The production crew bought the cheapest mask they could find at a Halloween store, which happened to be William...

Terminator Genisys Terminates the Franchise

A poor showing at the U.S. box office has reportedly halted all future plans for a new Terminator film series. 'Terminator Genisys' did well internationally, grossing 112 million in...

5 super creepy “Pet Sematary” scenes

They really just don’t make them like Mary Lambert’s 1989 Stephen King adaptation “Pet Sematary” anymore. From the extended use of flashbacks, the dreamy (sometimes bordering on soft-focus) look...

Halloween costume inspiration: Zombies

Zombies are everywhere these days. Here's some great Zombie Make-up done right. Hopefully this give everyone some idea's for Halloween. Realistic zombie makeup is often more difficult compared to...

Goosebumps Pajama Party Tonight in LA

Cinefamily’s weekend-long celebration of all things Goosebumps continues tonight with an all-night pajama party. Last night they hosted a screening of the upcoming Goosebumps film with a Q&A with director...