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Friday The 13th

Jason’s Ultimate Kill Count – Friday The 13th

Jason's Ultimate Kill Count - Friday The 13th Awesome Friday the 13th Body count infographic Ever wondered how many Death's were committed with a machete in the Friday the 13th Franchise?...

Scream Factory ARMY OF DARKNESS Collector’s edition blu-ray

This new blu-ray is going to be a must have for all fans of the series. Not only is this 3 disc set loaded with new extra's (including commentary's...

Viewer faints during “Green Inferno” Screening

Last night at the Deauville Film Festival in France, audience took quite a strong reaction to Eli Roth's newest film The Green Inferno, to the extent of fainting! Confirmed...

Now Available from Scream Factory: Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs

The film and horror community lots one of its greats this month. Wes Craven was as iconic as the timeless characters he created and his body of work will...

Now Available from Scream Factory: Robot Jox

From Stuart Gordon, the director of Re-Animator and From Beyond comes an American film that feels like it was shot by Japan’s Toho Company in all the best ways! Plot...