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John Carpenter Wins Plagiarism Case Against Writers & Producers of ‘Lockout’

In what is a rare outcome for these kinds of cases, John Carpenter won his case against filmmaker Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Leon: the Professional, the Taken series), as...

The Serpent and the Rainbow Blu ray release coming from Scream Factory

It's finally happening, after much delay Scream Factory has officially announced the release date for Wes Craven's The Serpent and The Rainbow Scream Factory reported on Facebook, **THE SERPENT AND THE...

See Helen Keller vs Nightwolves Free Compliments of Director Ross Patterson

0 Following the successful premiere of Helen Keller vs the Nightwolves last month featuring the incredible Lin Shaye (Insidious) who plays Helen Keller in the film, Barry Bostwick (The Rocky...

Danny Boyle Says He’s Open To Directing ’28 Months Later’

In 2002 Danny Boyle directed '28 Days Later', a film that reimagined the traditional zombie survival horror film and did so brilliantly. It was a big hit with audiences...
Kong Vs Godzilla

King Kong Vs Godzilla Set At Warner Bros.

Terror Time is freaking out! Warner bros. just released this statement about Kong vs Godzilla! Following Legendary’s and Warner Bros. Pictures’ 2014 success with the global reinvention of the Godzilla...

Wes Craven Tribute With Masters of Horror (Exclusive video)

This Sunday at Beyond Fest several 'Masters of Horror' gathered to celebrate the life of their fallen friend and horror icon Wes Craven. Mick Garris (Masters of Horror), Ti West (The Sacrament),...

Festival winner “Chatter” making it’s way to RIP Fest

When it comes to video chatting it's safe to assume it's between you and your chatter...right? Chatter, Winner of "Best Experimental Feature" at LA THRILLER FILM FEST 2015, "Best...

The Divine Tragedies Crushes Expectations: Review

There are a hundred different ways a film can play out the psychopath angle. From monsters like Henry in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, all the way to frenetic...

Inside Guillermo del Toro’s House of Horrors

Cue the creepy music; ignore the blazing sunshine. Ring the bell to an unassuming suburban home, hedges neatly trimmed. Spot, out of the corner of your eye, a small...


Terror Time loves horror movies and video games so we thought we would share this new online video which celebrates the best of both worlds. "Voorhees Stomp", the video directed...

10 Most Evil Movie Curses

10 Most Evil Movie Curses Curses come in many forms. We all wish at times we had the power to toss a few of them around. In celebration of the...

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Nails Highest-Rated First Season In Cable History

Very killer news for Fear The Walking Dead. AMC’s zombie-drama Fear The Walking Dead is officially the highest-rated series first season in cable TV history, with total viewers and in...