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Garbage Pail Kids Bluray announced by Scream Factory

Today Scream Factory was proud to announce the blu ray release as well as the new cover art for Garbage Pail Kids! Scream Factory announced "Your favorite grime bandits come...

The Confession of Fred Krueger

Written and directed by the amazing artist Nathan Thomas Milliner, whom we have featured often on Terror Time, has directed an amazing fan film. The Confession of Fred Krueger...

IFC Midnight gets U.S. Rights To Toronto Horror Hit Baskin

Turkish horror film Baskin will soon terrorize American movie fans thanks to IFC Midnight, which has acquired all U.S. rights following the pic’s TIFF 2015 premiere. From first time...

Crimson Peak – A peek at the madness

Don't freak out but Guillermo del Toro has released a new clip for his gothic tale "Crimson Peak". Mia Wasikowska plays Edith Cushing, an aspiring novelist who gets swept off...

Syringe Finger Freddy comes to Funko’s Pop! Vinyl series

Syringe Finger Freddy comes to Funko’s Pop! Vinyl series Freddy's most iconic killing from 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors' is now immortalized in an adorable Pop! Vinyl...

9 Horror Movies to check out this October!

As we quickly approach October, it seems like everyone is getting into the season, pumpkin spice every where you look and all your friends (even those who don't care...

New Puppet Master Sequel on it’s way

After 3 year since the last sequel, Puppet Master will be slashing his way back in for his next sequel entitled Puppet Master: Axis Termination. In the most recent Charles...

Halloween Reboot has eye on actress to Lead

We've all heard about the latest reboot of the Halloween series, but it looks like director Marcus Dunstan has his eye on one actress in particular to take on...

Deathgasm comes to VOD and select theaters on October 2nd

The horror-comedy with a black metal twist is coming to the U.S. and we can't wait! From writer/director Jason Lei Howden comes the movie that has been getting a lot of...

Trick or Treat 2 update from Writer/Director

During an interview with IGN writer/director Michael Dougherty gave details to the announced Trick or Treat 2. Dougherty stated that the skeleton is in place and will include intertwining...
Friday The 13th

Jason’s Ultimate Kill Count – Friday The 13th

Jason's Ultimate Kill Count - Friday The 13th Awesome Friday the 13th Body count infographic Ever wondered how many Death's were committed with a machete in the Friday the 13th Franchise?...

Scream Factory ARMY OF DARKNESS Collector’s edition blu-ray

This new blu-ray is going to be a must have for all fans of the series. Not only is this 3 disc set loaded with new extra's (including commentary's...