RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER is preparing to return to its roots, according to director and franchise creator Paul W.S. Anderson at the Screen Gems panel at New York City Comic-Con. Anderson was joined by newcomers Eoin Macken and William Levy, and franchise veterans Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter in talking about the final entry in the series.

In speaking about where the plot and setting of the final chapter pick up, after the events of RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, the director said that everything comes full circle in this film. In talking about how everything points back to the original film he said,

“It’s a return to the very beginning of the franchise. It’s a return to Raccoon City, or what’s left of it after we dropped a bomb on it in the second movie. It’s a return to The Hive where everything began for Alice…this is the movie where we discover the truth about her and the truth about the Umbrella Corporation.”

When asked about whether this truly would be the end of the series, Anderson said, “This is the conclusion, we’re bringing it full circle. It’s coming back to where it all began. And all of the questions that have been hanging over the franchise, ya know, what is Alice’s story, what’s the real agenda of the Umbrella Corporation, those are all going to be answered in this movie.”

He also said that there was an emotional component to bringing Alice’s story to a conclusion, a type of emotional engagement that audiences won’t be expecting from the series.

“Even I tear up at the end of the movie.” He said.


Anderson stated that in hearing feedback from the fans, he felt that it was important to return to the roots and core of the series, bringing back the frightening aspects that made the original film successful.

“What I heard loud and clear is people wanted a return to the kind of, the scariness and the horror that was in the very first movie of the franchise…” He said, “And so this movie kind of alternates between some big kick-ass action scenes and also, I think, some of the most terrifying stuff I’ve put on screen in my career.”

Franchise star Milla Jovovich backed up his assertion. Although she’s holding off seeing the film in its entirely, she has seen some of the scenes prior to the visual effects being added.

“It was insane! It was scary!” she exclaimed to cheers from the audience.

They also talked about how they felt that action and horror films are defined by their death scenes. “…we have some killer death scenes!” She declared, “People die so crazy, gruesome, and awful, but amazing!”

At the beginning of the panel, the final trailer for the film was revealed, which appeared online shortly after.

RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER releases in theaters on January 27, 2017.

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