Silent-RetreatThe filmSilent Retreat is clearly a love letter to all those great horror films of the 80’s and 90’s. It uses many of the classic elements that made the movies of that era work so well. Group of friends? Check! House in the woods? Check! Mysterious characters with creepy motivations? Check! Horrible history of location? Check! Director Ace Jordon wastes no time tightening the screws in our minds.

From the opening frame we are asking ‘What the hell is going on?’. When a group of co-workers are asked to gather for a retreat at a house in the mountains things are not going well from the minute they arrive. Day light is fading and with the dark comes suspense. The new day brings questions as they discover one of their own is missing. As the search begins for their missing co-worker they also discover the truth about that place they are staying and the horrible things that occurred there. Are they connected to their missing friend? How will it affect them? WTF is going on? As the films log line suggests, ‘Liars Must Be Punished’ means things do not look good for the group. This film plays more on mystery and suspense then gore. If you want buckets of blood then keep searching.

Shot on location in Big Bear Lake, California, the film stars Donny Boaz (My All American), Rebecca Summers (The Spell), Danijo Di Julio (Argo), Devon Ogden (The Founder), and Trista Robinson (The Human Race) and is produced by industry veteran Rick Tucker, Michael Muscal (Bride of Chucky), and Robbin Ormond. It is executive produced by Ace Jordan and Luis Tejada.

If your looking for a classic indy horror grab some popcorn and get scared with ‘Silent Retreat’.

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