Rob Zombie

Filmmaker, Rob Zombie recently announced that his latest horror endeavor, 31 ( Review HERE)would be making it’s way to streaming horror service Shudder. With this news he also listed his top 5 favorite films that are currently streaming on Shudder. Love him or hate him you’ve got to admit that Rob has immaculate taste when it comes to horror. Check out his picks of what to watch below. rob-zombie-31-scene-600x400

ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 — Rob says: “Early Carpenter featuring as usual a killer score and the shocking ice cream truck scene. Wicked.”

NOSFERATU — Rob says: “Klaus Kinski channels Max Schreck and recreates one of the greatest screen vampires ever! A masterpiece. Rats, rats, rats!”

LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE — Rob says: “A cool, creepy and very effective undead tale in the English countryside. Great atmosphere.”

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST — Rob says: “You’re blown away and horrified and you feel kind of sick, but you kind of want to see it again. You’re just shellshocked. I’ve never seen anything even close to it.”

HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER — Rob says: “I saw it in an art house. It got this weird release originally as an art movie, which was so odd. You don’t feel good about yourself for watching it, because it’s not entertaining in the conventional sense, but it’s impactful.”


That’s a list that any horror fan can devour in the comfort of their own home. 31 will debut on Shudder later this month. While the film has been met with both extreme love and hate I honestly think it’s more a reaction to how you feel about Rob. He is easily one of the most polarizing figures in the genre. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the film I cannot fathom some people’s reasons for the vitriol that’s been thrown towards the film and Rob. The fact is Rob champions the genre on a grand scale and while we don’t have to love everything the man releases we as horror fans should at least support a filmmaker that’s given us such joy.