If cook outs and fireworks aren’t your thing and a horror movie binge event is what you need.

Here are some horror favorites streaming now on Netflix!

Want to go back in time and watch some of horror’s most legendary genre classics, here are some greats to watch!

Stephen King’s novel turned movie about a rabid dog terrorizing the beautiful, Dee Wallace and her son, 1983’s CUJO.



If a possessed child and pea soup is more what you are needing to indulge in, 1973 classic, ‘THE EXORCIST’ is just what you need!


And if you are thinking puzzles and the horror that can follow playing with the wrong one is more your speed, 1987’s ‘HELLRAISER’ can take care of that for you!


But if a possessed child doesn’t scratch that child-in- conflict need, 1984’s ‘CHILDREN OF THE CORN’ will delivers evil in adolescence form.

For that definitive “classic” need, Vincent Price graces the black and white screen in 1958’s ‘THE FLY


Now if you are looking for a bit more up-to- date, here are a few options we think you wouldenjoy

2007 took a shared, deep fear of puppets and fiercely added a story that, hands down, will make you think twice about what is really going on behind those eyes. ‘DEAD SILENCE’

2010 brought us the reality of what might just happen if one was to get trapped in an elevator with a group of strangers. Not to mention, the devil himself being one of them. ‘DEVIL’

2012 introduced us to an innovative scare tactic! Some misfits burglarize a house and discover found footage VHS tapes. The rollercoaster rides of sheer horror that follow is anything but fun! ‘V/H/S

2013 proved that a driven sister trying to exonerate her brother of a murder he didn’t commit, can turn very scary. Did we forget to mention that some nasty supernatural phenomenon is to blame? ‘OCULUS’

2016 puts a deaf writer in a cabin alone and her intruder finds terrorizing her a sport! ‘HUSH




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