We’re back with a new entry in our Short Shockers collection — and this mini-epic is one of the most ambitious short horror-fantasy films we’ve ever seen.

Clocking in at a lean six minutes and produced on a tight budget with a tiny crew, Anthony Pietromonaco’s Oni is a proof-of-concept for a planned feature… and once you’ve seen this short, we think you’ll agree it’s got all the ingredients for a colossal horror-adventure spanning multiple centuries.

Drawing on the ancient legend of the samurai Momotaro, Oni (Japanese for “Demon”) follows the mystic journey of this folk hero’s modern-day descendant (Westworld & Castlevania actor Toru Uchikado), who inherits his ancient ancestor’s sword from his grandfather. He soon learns the warrior once used the powerful weapon to seal a rift between the worlds of humans and demons. As these evil forces seize on the opportunity to break free, the young man must rise to the same challenge Momotaro once faced centuries ago.

Oni features original character designs by Jaremy Aiello (Annabelle) and Tanner White (Bone Tomahawk), with impressive visual effects by the team behind acclaimed fan film Star Wars: Dark Legacy.

We’re thrilled to add this title to our growing Short Shockers collection, and we hope you love it as much as we do. We also expect great things from Anthony Pietromonaco and his crew in the near future — including the full-length Oni feature!