As we enter a new week of shelter-in-place, we hope you’re all safe and sane, and we’re sure that involves keeping yourself occupied and entertained with your favorite scary movies, books, music, games and shows. Of course, we’re doing our best scour the web for scary but fun diversions for you to add to your activities list… and we think today’s entry in our Short Shockers series will give you the perfect balance of spookiness and nostalgia.

If you grew up with Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book series (or discovered it later in life), you already know one of the most surreal tales from that collection is “The Big Toe.”

The story made a memorable appearance in the 2018 big-screen adaptation, but animators Neal O’Bryan & Chad Thurman and puppet designer Demi Kay Schlehofer approached the source material from a different angle — with the intent of recreating the nightmarish mood first summoned by Stephen Gammell’s original black-and-white illustrations.

Even if you’ve never experienced the chills of the original Scary Stories books (if not, this would be the perfect time to order them for yourself and/or your kids), we think you’ll have a ghoulishly good time with this amazing seven-minute short — which recently premiered on Gunpowder and Sky’s popular horror YouTube Channel ALTER.

Kill the lights, jack up the volume and find out for yourself!