While we’ve featured many short horror films on this site over the years, it’s high time we created a special category dedicated to showcasing talented filmmakers who work their macabre magic in the short-film format. To that end, we’re stoked to introduce Short Shockers — a regular feature in which we turn the spotlight on groundbreaking, shocking and memorable shorts, as well as their inventive creators.

To kick off this new feature series, we thought it would be best to swing for the fences and present one of the slickest, most cinematic gore-fests ever to clock in at under 10 minutes: Jonathan Zaurin’s homicidal holiday horror Santa Baby.

Produced by LBS Films for The Loft Cinema in Hereford, UK, Santa Baby is a gruesomely fun parody of the saccharine holiday ads released annually by ritzy UK department store chain John Lewis & Partners. Here’s last year’s ad for comparison:

Combined with a suitably horrific twist ending that flips the premise on its (severed) head, Zaurin’s blood-soaked Christmas Card impressed the hell out of us here at Terror Time; not only is it outrageous fun, it also comes across a lot more expensive than its budget of £300 would suggest, and still pulls out all the stops with a barrage of grisly practical makeup effects.

We predict you’ll dig it too — provided you’ve got a strong stomach. Press play and get some red on you!

If you like what you see, you’ll be glad to know Santa Baby will be part of an upcoming collection of high-quality horror shorts — one of many such compilations packaged by Houston, Texas-based Meridian Releasing Group. Their MRG Collective DVD & Blu-ray series cover a wide range of genres, and the horror collections are a must-have for lovers of short, sharp shocks. We hope to showcase more of their wares in the near future, along with dozens more horror shorts from filmmakers around the world… so stay tuned!

MRG Collective Horror Volume 5, which includes Santa Baby as well as the shorts Adam, Conversation with the Devil, Dirt, Georgie, Hell Phone, Jiating and Nervous Breakdown, will be available for purchase March 24, and you can pre-order your copy today.