Let’s face it, you don’t have to be an admitted horror junkie to appreciate the luster in having behind-the-scene information at your fingertips. All the rumors explained, debunking questions that may have risen while seeing a film for the tenth time and being the one at the round-table dropping the mic on the film fact you knew because YOU HAVE THIS! Here is a hint… FREDDY VS JASON

Having “THIS” is you heading over to Amazon now and grabbing SLASH OF THE TITANS: THE ROAD TO FREDDY VS JASON.

From the author of Phantasm Exhumed, Dustin McNeill , comes Slash of the Titans, D Featuring new interviews with the original writers and filmmakers, Slash details the production’s troubled history from the surprise ending of Jason Goes to Hell all the way to the crossover’s red carpet premiere. Read about the many rejected storylines and learn how the project was eventually able to escape from development hell. This is the story of one film, two horror icons, and seventeen screenwriters!

– Comprehensive looks at ten different versions of the screenplay
– Info on early crossover attempts by Friday the 13th filmmakers
– Exclusive details on the never made Freddy vs Jason: Hell Unbound video game
– Insights from producers, executives, and developers including Sean Cunningham
– An examination of why the Shannon/Swift script was finally greenlit
– Summaries of the four endings considered for the 2003 film
– Coverage of the never made Freddy vs Jason vs Ash sequel
– New comments from the titans themselves – Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger
– Appendices full of story details including the outcomes of all ten versions

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