The Crow Reborn Jason Momoa

Well, this is some sad new depending on how you felt about it. The Crow reboot is dead again.

Jason Momoa and director Corin Hardy have exited The Crow reboot. Many fans were on the fence about another remake but with Jason Momoa as the lead many were hopeful including myself. But news broke this morning via Deadline that the deal has fallen apart over creative differences and budget.

Deadline reports that Jason Momoa and director Corin Hardy formally withdrew from the film this morning. This after Sony was close to exiting as the film’s worldwide distributor. I’m told this has to do with creative and financial differences with Samuel Hadida, whose Davis Films holds underlying rights and who was financing the film. Production was gearing up to start within the next five weeks in Budapest, and the picture was in full pre-production with Hardy presiding.

I was excited about these two taking on the film and I’m not sure there’s any other teaming that would change my mind again. Hardy has The Nun coming and Jason Momoa will next be seen in James Wan’s Aquaman. Let’s see what happens when the dust settles on this one. I can’t believe the studio is happy about losing Momoa. maybe a deal can be worked out.

Jason Moma Corin Hardy