THE LAST HEIST: A robbery takes place indeed. A great story was robbed of a good cinematic presentation.

The Last HiestThis film in description garners a descent level of excitement. Motley crew plans to rob a closing bank and snatch a hefty cash score from the vault! With knowledge cameras have been shut off and only a couple employees manning the facility, seems like the perfect plan. Now toss in a serial killer who has tormented L.A. for a couple years and have that serial killer played by Henry Rollins, who wouldn’t be intrigued?! Opening credits come with picture-esque sky views looking down on the city and audibly we are made aware that the “Window Killer” has racked up a 15 victim body count and his signature is removing the eyes of his victims. Hence “Window Killer” (the eyes are the “window” to your soul…) As the movie begins, a white van is parked and is filled with a group armed and ready to execute their robbery. We also see Rollins dressed like “Agent Smith” slow motion walking towards the same bank and enters. Once inside, Rollins rolls out some dialogue that was creepy and void of every emotion you would want from someone playing a psychopath. Jumping line to get to his safety deposit box, we learn Rollins keeps the eyes he has collected and his safety deposit box is where he keeps them. When the group exits the van and enters the bank, it became clear this was not going to be what I had hoped for.

Torrance Coombs (REIGN) plays Paul, the leader of the villainous outfit. Victoria Pratt (BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD) plays the first responding investigator, Pascal! Mark Kelly (DEAD & BREAKFAST) and Nick Principe (LAID TO REST) were members of the criminal crew.

I wanted desperately to like this film. The balance wasn’t there for me. Rollins was disappointingly random in appearance. If you seduce me with Henry Rollins on the roster, please give me more then 12-15 minutes of him! The focus was more on the group robbing the bank and the cops outside. Verbal exchanges were not authentic, they were predictable. Power struggles were going off like fireworks. All the while a serial killer was somewhere in the air ducts. I could see what was trying to be done so I held out till the end in hopes it would kick in but it never did in my opinion. Watch with your own “windows” and decide for yourself but personally, this missed the mark for me.

Henry Rollins was almost Negan in The Walking Dead

No one puts baby in a corner. No one puts Rollins in an air duct!

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