The Purge

Considering how crazy the presidential election campaigns have gotten this year it seems quite fitting that ‘The Purge: Election Year’ is coming to theaters this summer. While the director and writer James DeMonaco wrote the script back in 2014 and the leading players weren’t obvious at the time you could see who was circling the pool. He talks about how some of those influences have a way of finding themselves into the script.

“Maybe, subconsciously, I knew who was in the playing field. Little things drip into you when you’re writing or you’re on set, you’re grabbing from the ether or what’s out there in the press. I think there’s a lot of representation of everyone who’s in the game right now, from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders to John Kasich. I’d like the audience to play with it and see who they feel is representative of the actual candidates in the real world, without me saying who’s who. I think the audience will have a lot of fun saying, ‘Oh, that reminds me of something Donald said!'”

The film opens July 1st.


source: EW

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