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Tom Holland’s Terror Time gets quite a few submissions for all kinds of projects. This one grabbed me from the start with glimpses of horror movies I love. Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ or John Landis’s ‘An American Werewolf in London‘. Take a look at the trailer. If you like what you see please support this movie and share it with your friends. Horror may be seeing a mainstream boom right now in TV but independent horror films still need every bit of support they can get.

The film is directed by Lawrie Brewster. His critically acclaimed feature debut Lord of Tears showed at several international festivals including Feratum, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and Nocturna. Written by Sarah Daly with VFX by Michael Brewster. The film stars Jamie Scott-Gordon, a Scottish actor who’s starting to make a name for himself with work in the US comedy Bonejangles and UK drama Good Intentions.

Short story synopsis :

Andrew Alburn, a homeless veteran suffering from PTSD, is plagued by flashbacks of a traumatic event he witnessed while serving in the armed forces. He travels to a retreat in the remote Scottish Highlands hoping to overcome his fear of ravens, the dark creatures that populate his visions, but, in this bleak wilderness, his nightmares manifest into an enemy more powerful than he could ever have imagined. He must battle these monstrous entities as well as his own inner demons in order to keep his life, and reclaim his sanity.

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