The return of ‘Volumes of Blood’ will see the return of your screams.

Anthologies have been all the rage in horror over the past few years almost matching killer clown films as the go to for filmmakers. Last year’s standout Volumes of Blood stood severed head and neck stump above the rest and now a year later we’re treated to the sequel, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories which does it’s predecessor proud by raising the ax and knife to another level.


When the message above graces the screen before the film begins it’s a strong message that horror still has a heart beat and it lies in the independent artists that give their all simply for the love of horror. I’d be lying if I didn’t say this mission statement made my horror heart grow three times in size. Key creatives, P.J. Starks and Nathan Thomas Milliner from the first installment return this time around and are joined by director’s Justin Seaman, Sean Blevins, John William Holt, Jon Maynard, and James Treakle who all inject their own unique styles into the stories while still keeping the pieces in tune with the anthologies key components of amazing FX work and creative storytelling. All of the segments are beautifully shot and far exceed what you would expect possible with such a small budget. Where anthology films usually fall flat for me is the wrap around story as it can either take you out of the proceedings or enhance the experience. I’m happy to say that this film takes a unique approach to the wrap around that allows the segments to flow naturally from piece to piece without feeling forced or added in for coverage.


The segment starring Nathan Thomas Milliner and Kevin Roach as two dyed in the wool horror fans lamenting the remake of a classic horror film is hands down the best examination that I’ve seen on the matter of horror fan outrage. Their characters perfectly embody every example of message board/social media, horror convention, living room debate that horror fans have with each other on a daily basis. I would instantly watch anything starring these two characters be it a short or web series. The insider references to independent horror films and even Milliner’s artwork is priceless and extremely rewarding for those in the know. As for the other segments the dedication of the actors shines thru as everyone brings their A game. You can tell that everyone in this movie lives and breathes the genre.


As horror fans we all want to be entertained and enlivened by genre films, this movie provides that in spades. I give my highest recommendation for Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. For closet monsters and man eating showers to Black Friday and Halloween gore soaked mayhem look no further than this movie.

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