It is almost impossible to proceed without spoilers. THE WALKING DEAD season 7 premiered and was a smash (had to do it) and each week, though the brutality has yet to mirror the premier, the plot just keeps thickening! Not only have we been able to witness an adversary (Negan) that far exceeds any prior, but we are also seeing several communities falling under this same ravenous burden. Like the zombie plague itself, Negan and his “Saviors’ group are making their presence known to every community each week; using the deaths of Glenn and Abraham as the proof of sadistic punishment the group has no problem inflicting if Negan is not obeyed.

********************NO SURPRISE HERE BUT BELOW ARE SPOILERS*************************************

Last night we finally were able to see Maggie (Lauren Cohan) since the season premiere, and while she did suffer from a separated placenta, her and Glenn’s baby is still alive. Dr. Carson (R. Keith Harris) advises Maggie that it would be in her and the babies bast interested to stay at Hilltop so if there were further complications, he could help.

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Maggie also joined Sasha (Soneque Martin-Green) is visiting the graves where Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) were laid to rest. Jesus (Tom Payne), who has been a loner and a bit disengaged in his life at Hilltop, a lot is to be said for his character. Hilltop normally bury their dead but Jesus knew the significance of what graves truly meant to Maggie and Sasha. When Hilltops’ “Leader” Gregory (Xander Berkeley) discovers the graves (and knowledge of results in the premier) he demands Maggie and Sasha to leave Hilltop the following morning.

Sasha and Jesus - AMC
Sasha and Jesus – AMC

The night doesn’t go without some interesting events. Awoken by loud music (Thank God it wasn’t ‘Easy Street’) coming from an abandoned welded car, they see the gate open and walkers pouring in. Like a scene from any great action film, Sasha and Jesus take on the herd like the impressive badases they are but not without Maggie driving in a tractor in reverse taking out walkers and the car stopping the music!

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But even though Maggie and Sasha helped Hilltop survive the night, Gregory still wants them gone. And wouldn’t ya know, Negan’s “Saviors” show up. Gregory tells Jesus to hide Maggie and Jesus. Enter Negan’s lieutenant Simon (Steven Ogg) who, resembles Negan in fearless arrogance, identifies himself as Gregory’s very own Negan, and Gregory makes tribute to Simon by offering him …a secret stash of booze?!? It became clear booze was not the intended “gift” Gregorys intention was to hand over Maggie and Sasha but Jesus put them in an alternate closet.

Simon and Gregory - AMC
Simon and Gregory – AMC

While Hilltop had its hands full, so did Carl. The other storyline playing out shows Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) leaving Alexandria heading to Hilltop. Carl is hellbent on killing Negan but his journey with Enid developed into a first kiss and roller-skating. They make it to Hilltop and Negan is nowhere in sight.

Enid and Carl - AMC
Enid and Carl – AMC

The episode ends with Sasha and Jesus agreeing on a secret plan to have Jesus hop on one of the exiting trucks with the goal to locate where, in fact, Negan and the “Saviors” reside. But when Jesus does hop one of the trucks, there is an addition passenger that truly will make the next chapter very interesting…and get him grounded for sure! Oh, Carl, what are you thinking?

Lets take a look at the final scene:


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