Revisit where the Xenomorph originally came from. Artist and visionary, H.R. Giger gifted the world with his illustrations of the ‘perfect organism’ that would become a nightmare spanning over 30 years…and still going.

Most hear ALIEN and think Ridley Scott, Sigourney Weaver and so many more but for many, H.R. Giger doesn’t come to mind. Believe it or not, Giger is the original artist who created the Xenomorph.

History states that he became involved with ALIEN when director, Ridley Scott was searching for possible designs for the main monster/creature. Scott received a book of Giger’s paintings and immediately knew what the Xenomorph was to look like.

Below is the image of his Necronom IV which is a twisted bio-mechanical creature that is both humanoid in its design and disgustingly horrific at the same time, became the template for the Xenomorph design, and he was brought on board the film to design everything from the layout of LV-426 to the alien ship, facehugger parasite, and ultimately finalize the design of the titular creature itself. {BRG}


We think it is safe to say that Giger truly created one of the most iconic characters that has contributed to the core of the sci-fi and horror genre. Spanning generations and never once diluting its original grander, the Xenomorph continues to keep it’s historical value. And showing no signs of slowing down.

H.R. left this world in 2014 at the age of 74. He was the recipient of an Academy Award for his work on ALIEN. Without him, we may never have had our perfect organism.


The Xenomorph is making a return to theaters along with the original’s director Ridley Scott at the helm. The movie opens May 19th. Take a look at The Last Supper teaser here.

Video Source: darkdoom18