Currently in Cali we have embarked on some much needed rain. Outside my window I can hear the flutter of the leaves, the cold chill in the air and the longing to lounge in my sweats with a glass of wine and peruse the horror section of the Flix. Unfortunately for me, the selection is pretty scarce. Fortunately, there are some great classics to dig into yet again.

With so many outlets of streaming coming into existence, there is so much potential to get your work seen (and loved) by viewers worldwide. Now, more than ever, there has been a harvest of talent coming through but until you breakout with the next Lights Out, (shoutout to David Sandberg and kisses to Lotta Losten) let’s revisit some old classics that you can watch right now and is currently streaming on Netflix.



When I first read Thinner back in middle school, I was completely mesmerized. I absolutely loved the book and the concept behind a glutenous, overbearing being cursed with the one thing he needed the most in life and got it in the most supernatural way possible. The one thing I learned from this flick? Don’t cross a gypsy. They are worse than Atkins.

Fun fact, Thinner was directed by our very own Tom Holland and Josh Holland makes a debut!

The Others


I watched this film in the theatre and fell in love.  I love Nicole Kidman and admired her sultry and classic appearance that seems to cultivate from her craft. Now, I knew this was a ghost story, however, the ending? Shocking twist like no other. I LOVE a great, twisted ending to a movie and The Others most certainly delivered a pack to the punch. “Are you mad? I am your daughter.”  So much chills.

The Exorcist 


It takes a lot to scare me. It really does. I have always said that the living scares me the most than the dead. I mean, ghosts, the supernatural, Bloody Mary, nah, it doesn’t do much. But, being that I have actually witnessed individuals that have undergone an exorcism, I can’t say that I am not absolutely frightened of an entity taking over the soul of a human being. To this day, I have yet to experience a more frightening film. Can someone say, The  Spiderwalk?

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

One, two Freddy is coming for you…..


Good ol’ Freddy Krueger is sailing on the flix waves as he returns yet again to violate your sleep. Except in this version of the popular franchise, Fred is depicted as a fictional character rather than recomposing his role as the infamous fire victim. But, this little setback doesn’t stop Freddy from destryoing anybody who gets in his way.

Children of the Corn

Ah, little children, they are so darn cute. Except when they hunt you down and slash your throat. In this epic Stephen King thriller, we visit a peculiar town where the children run the show and there is not an adult in site. The children that remaining this peculiar town are ruthless and want to keep it that way. Brings a whole new meaning to No Adults Allowed.


Even though the selection is a bit bare, but try watching The Exorcist in the dark. Alone. With just the pitter patter of the rain against the window sill.

Or is it just rain….

Enjoy your weekend folks!


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