I had the absolute pleasure of attending the L.A. premier of Deathgasm last night and I have nothing but nice things to say, both about the screening at the legendary Cinefamily Silent Movie Theatre featuring a Q&A with director Jason Lei Howden and stars Kimberley Crossman and Delaney Tabron and the film itself. To put it simply, Deathgasm is the best horror-comedy since Zombieland.


Deathgasm is a story about love, friendship and a lovable and relatable underdog coming into his own. It also happens to be about zombies, demons, dildos and of course Metal. This movie had me and everyone around me smiling from start to finish. The comedy was so on point and it still managed to maintain a solid level of tension. The cast is a great example of the awesome talent pool in New Zealand. Lead actor Milo Cawthorne carries the film brilliantly and the rest of the cast more than pulls their weight, most notably Kimberley Crossman who was noticeable on point for her action and fighting scenes.


One thing I can’t praise enough about Deathgasm is its cinematography and effects. It was shot so well, really capturing the mood and feel of a small, isolated town. The effects were mostly practical and all for the better. They created some truly terrifying and awesome creatures in this movie, certainly not your average zombies or demons. It might go without saying that there was gore and lots of it but it never really felt gratuitous or unnecessary. It was balanced out well with all the other great elements in this film.


Of course you can’t talk about Deathgasm without talking about the music. It’s a love letter to Death Metal and the soundtrack features many of Metal’s greats as well as some amazing lesser known talents. The music is almost a character itself, playing a major role throughout the whole story and by the end of it you’ll be itching to pick up the soundtrack for yourself.

Deathgasm is available now in select theaters and on VOD and I couldn’t possibly endorse it enough. Any fan of horror, Metal or comedy should go see this movie and more movies like it should get made. Deathgasm is the most enjoyable horror movie I’ve seen all year.

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