No matter who supports who, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find anyone who would describe the 2016 presidential election as anything short of horribly ugly. From insults to controversy, attack ads to riots, the entire country is ready for the next week to pass quickly. For those who just don’t think they can go through another day of endless press coverage, water cooler fights, and facebook arguments, an old friend is coming back with some relief.


Topps has released a limited edition set of Garbage Pail Kids sticker cards to commemorate everything ugly and nasty in our candidates. Rising in popularity beginning in 1985 and eventually banned in many schools during the time, Garbage Pail Kids were a parody on the immensely popular Cabbage Patch Kids of the time. Matching often gross but funny deformities matched with equally ridiculous names, kids scooped up and traded as many as they could to complete their collections. 2016 should be no different!


Taking on both sides equally, the cards range from “Taco Trump” to “‘Human’ Hillary” and “Rootin’ for Putin” and “Hit Job Hillary.” The familiar artwork and style return to each card, with the same over-the-top humor in each one. But you have to act fast, each card is limited in number and in time available. If you want to grab as many as you can for your new collection you have to move on them now! A few examples of cards you can get are:

Also available from Topps is a pair of Funko president figures that are sure to be the talk of your friends.


With the election winding down, there are very few things worth laughing about, until now. You can visit to see everything they have available!