Once rumored to be pining for a role in the upcoming Shane Black-directed THE PREDATOR, James Franco isn’t quite done with that universe just yet. Alien vs. Predator Galaxy has revealed that Franco will indeed be making an appearance in Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS sequel, ALIEN: COVENANT.

L to R – Michael Fassbender and Ridley Scott ALIEN: COVENANT – image via collider.com

This would certainly add to a growing palette of different roles that James Franco has played. Parts in comedies like THIS IS THE END and SAUSAGE PARTY. Dramas such as THE DEAD GIRL and 127 HOURS. And that is only scratches the surface. He is a fearless, adventurous actor. Franco seems like a logical fit in the universe of DNA-melding aliens. You know the type. The ones that use humans as incubators and bleed acid.

L to R - Danny McBride and Ridley Scott ALIEN:CONVENANT
L to R – Danny McBride and Ridley Scott

The latest entry in the franchise will move the PROMETHEUS storyline closer to the 1979 original, ALIEN. Franco will play, Branson, the captain of the ship “Covenant.” The ship is heading to a distant planet in hopes of starting a colony there. According to AvP Galaxy, Branson is accompanied by his, wife, Katherine Waterston’s Daniels. It was rumored earlier that the colony ship would be inhabited by couples, so this certainly fits that narrative.

Katherine Waterston ALIEN: COVENANT
Katherine Waterston ALIEN: COVENANT

Instead of finding the paradise they hoped for, they will instead find Michael Fassbender’s android David. David is the survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. While initially left off the cast list, it was later announced that Noomi Rapace would indeed be reprising her role of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. In what capacity, hasn’t been revealed. COVENANT will also star Carmen Ejogo, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Callie Hernandez.


It was recently announced that clips from the film have been shown to the studio and some press, but an embargo is in place that prohibits writing about it for now. Allowed tweets from the screening indicated that it was a return to the R-rated science fiction that Scott brought in with the original ALIEN.

With a release approaching in approximately six months, it’s almost time for us to start getting a real first look at the film via teasers and trailers. And with early buzz about the film returning to its sci-fi horror roots, we can’t wait to get our eyeballs on it!

ALIEN: COVENANT comes to theaters on May 19th, 2017. We’ll keep you updated as more news and imagery comes from the ALIEN universe!