uke Evans is someone who is unfazed by bad reviews, pushing on to fill an eclectic set of roles in a multitude of films. Rebounding from DRACULA UNTOLD, THE HOBBIT, and HIGH RISE, he’s taken on THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, and very soon the live-action version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.


He’s now signed on to star in a thriller by Noel Clarke called 10×10. With star Kelly Reilly (True Detective, Calvary, Flight) and the feature-length directorial debut of Suzi Ewing, the thriller will take Evans in yet another direction. The synopsis, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, reads:

“A “cat and mouse thriller” set in the U.S., 10×10 will see Evans play a seemingly ordinary guy hiding an obsession for revenge against one particular woman. After kidnapping her in broad daylight, he locks her in a soundproof cell where he hopes to extract a dark secret from her past.”

Kelly Reilly - HBO (via Google Images)
Kelly Reilly – HBO (via Google Images)

Altitude Film Entertainment will be looking for a buyer for the film at the AFM. 10×10 will be produced by Noel Clarke and Jason Maza at Unstoppable Entertainment, along with Maggie Monteith and Gina Powell.

Altitude’s Managing Director Mike Runagall added:

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Noel, Jason, Maggie and Suzi on this smart and gripping thriller that constantly surprises and will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

No word on a release for 10×10 until the film finds distribution, but we’re going to be keeping an eye out for it!