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Last year, Darren Lynn Bousman (Director of SAW IIIII, and IV) and Clint Sears brought us THE TENSION EXPERIENCE: a live immersive experience, that encouraged you to live in the moment, and shattered any personal limitations. When it came to getting under your skin, Tension always had a very personal way of doing this. The mad geniuses behind this epic event spent their time meticulously fashioning a personal experience for each participant. One thing was for sure… Each time you walked out of the two hour experience, you were changed. 2016 was the year of TENSION, but this year were invited to LUST…

I was fortunate enough to participate in the event twice. The first time was surreal, and empowering. The 2nd time was much different: it tore me down and defragmented my hard drive, in some ways. By the end of my 2nd visit I felt recalibrated, but I still couldn’t deny that I was physically shaken. They had shook me to the core. Yet… I still find myself curious. I still think about the events that took place there. What we all shared. I wanted more. After the completion of its run, Tension ended its story with a bloody, and emotional, finale. Upon viewing the finale on Facebook, and Periscope, I was overcome with sadness as I saw various members of the O.O.A.(Oracular Order of Anoch) — people that had put me through my own personal hell — lifeless, and death’s were displayed in the goriest of fashions. Whether I realized it or not these people had changed me. They helped me embrace fear, which in turn, made me fearless. It was sad to see THE TENSION EXPERIENCE go, but in its place… we were promised something else.

Now, with a new year comes a new experience, which promises to be more… Lustful. THE LUST EXPERIENCE remains a mystery for the time being, but as of right now — much like THE TENSION EXPERIENCE began — all that exists is a website: www.thelustexperience.com. As someone who wasn’t around for the Tension ARG days, I plan on getting in on this one early. The site, for now, is simple enough.

Input your email — if you dare — and prepare to be transformed. To be challenged. To be pushed to the limits of what you can handle, and come out a more inspired person in the end.

We’re excited to see what this event shall hold for, and teach, us; and you can guarantee we’ll keeping you updated on any updates we receive. For now, you can follow THE LUST EXPERIENCE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to keep up on your dose of Lust. Also, be sure to visit www.thetensionexperience.com to purchase props from Tension set, or to hear the psychologically jarring score, from Joseph Bishara (composer for INSIDIOUS, CONJURING, CONJURING 2).

As immersive theater becomes more prominent, and more entities emerge, you can trust that the pioneers of this new frontier — the O.S.D.M.(Oracles Security and Data Management) — will provide a completely gratifying and tantalizing experience.

facebook page