The time has come once again to keep off the moors and howl at the moon. Max Landis (Chronicle) is set to write and direct the remake of An American Werewolf In London. The original film of course is a classic that was the passion project of his father, the legendary John Landis and now thirty five years later Max is set to re-brand the classic with his own spin.


The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Max Landis will be leading the charge by both writing and directing the film for Universal Studios and that Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Outcast) and David Albert will be producing along with Todd Garner, Matt Smith and Andy Trapani who will executive produce on the project. Universal has made some head scratching decisions over the past few years in regards to horror films but this choice rights all of their wrongs. Bringing Max Landis on to write and direct is a stroke of genius, add in the magic touch that Robert Kirkman and David Albert have had in recent years and I’ll place this near the top of the list for horror films to be excited about. We’ve seen it happen so many times where a studio will remake a treasured film with no regard to it’s roots and those attached to the original film but this time Hollywood has done right and bestowed the reigns to a man who has proven that he can bring a unique and entertaining spin to the proceedings.


American Werewolf in London wowed audiences in the werewolf battle of 1981 and made the names Landis and Baker household horror icons. Audiences at the time hadn’t seen the blending of horror and comedy done the way John Landis masterfully commanded in the film. Rick Baker’s FX work won him his first of countless Oscars and really kick started the makeup FX bonanza that would dominate the genre for the next two decades. It’s going to be amazing to see what Max Landis can do with access to the best of the best in resources that the genre has to offer. I’m sure every FX shop in the world is chomping at the bit to win the job of bringing the titular werewolf to the big screen. Of course my vote would be to back up the Brinks truck to the house of the recently retired Mr. Baker and open the doors but regardless of what shop gets the job I feel secure in saying that the FX will be in good hands with whoever gets the honor. Hell with Kirkman producing maybe we’ll see Nicotero and the KNB crew take on the job.


In a climate of boring retreads and sequels it’s heartwarming to see a remake being mounted that seems at least at this point to be lead by love and passion. We here at Tom Holland’s Terror Time wish Max Landis the best of luck as he ventures out on that dark, cold road that leads to The Slaughtered Lamb.