Thailand Under Siege by Gangs of Crazed Monkeys

"Total Monkey Riot" isn’t just the name of my '80s ska band... it’s a description of daily life in the Lopburi district of central Thailand.

MIDSUMMER SCREAM Founders Launch “Season’s Screamings” Popup This Saturday (Interview)

This Saturday, December 7 from 10 am to 6 pm, horror comes to the holidays (in a good way, of course) in the form of "Season's Screamings,"...

Parent Tweets Creepy Baby Monitor Image, Internet Freaks Out

Images and videos captured by baby monitors have been giving people the creeps around the world for several years now – and thanks to this creep factor and the...

Police Searching for “Chucky” Following Store Robbery

Look, we all know Chucky’s little plastic body contains the soul of a sadistic serial killer… but this is just wrong on every level. According to...

Is There Really a New SCREAM in the Works?

With blockbuster horror movies frequently dominating at the box office and meta-fiction going mainstream, it’s easy to forget how much the genre was dragging before Wes Craven...

NECROPOLIS: LEGION is the Next Full Moon “Deadly Ten” to Premiere

The second cinematic experiment to emerge from Full Moon's "Deadly Ten" feature film project -- in which horror fans and aspiring filmmakers are invited to live-stream the...

Anthology Feature Based on Clive Barker’s BOOKS OF BLOOD Coming to Hulu

Clive Barker fans, take note: Variety has announced Brannon Braga (Star Trek: The Next Generation) will be the prime mover behind a feature film based on Barker's...

Happy Halloween from TOM HOLLAND’S TERROR TIME!

It's the right night for a Fright Night... right? The Terror Time team is gearing up for some major changes in the coming weeks......

Shudder Renews CREEPSHOW for a Second Season

If you've been enjoying Creepshow on Shudder this month, you're definitely not alone: the horror streaming platform has scored big-time with the anthology series from Executive producer...

Steve McGinnis Releases HOMECOMING: Book 3 in HARVESTER Graphic Novel Saga

If you're not up to speed with the macabre creations of Steve McGinnis, now's the ideal time to catch up. The works of this talented artist &...

SHUDDER Offers Limited-Time Halloween Deal: 31% Off Subscriptions Through 10/31

If you've considered signing up for Shudder in time for your own horror marathon this Halloween, the horror streaming service has a treat for you: if you...
Fright Night The Play

The Rage of the Stage Players adapt classic horror film, “Fright Night,” into a...

Tom Holland's classic horror film 'Fright Night' is about to come face to face with fans and Tom could not be happier. This is something Mr. Holland had always...