The Crow remake

THE CROW is still being remade.  For some, this makes you shudder, for others they’re ready for a more faithful representation of James O’barr’s original graphic novel. No matter how you feel about it, those involved are still moving ahead with its development, despite every sign in the universe saying that it’s not meant to be.


News has come from The Hollywood Reporter that the project has left Relativity and sold to Samuel Hadida’s Davis Films, with Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow also producing. This comes on the heels over Relativities bankruptcy woes, as the company climbed out of in April.

Once called the studio’s most valuable projects, the project has been rife with problems since it was originally announced in late 2008. It has seen multiple screenwriters, a slew of directors, and even more stars attached to it over the years. O’barr has given his blessings for the film, and Edward R. Pressman, the producer on the original, has been a driving force even now. The last we heard, Jason Momoa was tagged to star in the remake, with Corin Hardy directing. There has been no confirmation as of yet that either is still involved.

Brandon Lee in THE CROW - (via Google Images)

The original film starred Brandon Lee as rock star Eric Draven, who along with his girlfriend Shelly Webster, are both killed on the eve of Halloween. His soul not at rest, he’s brought back to life a year later by a crow, nearly invincible and able to relive people’s memories. Aided by his supernatural abilities, he hunts down those responsible with a rage-fueled, action-packed rampage.

Anticipation was heightened for the film after the accidental death of Lee during filming, and the film turned into an amazing result of how passionate he felt about the project. The film also redefined the soundtrack genre, with its dark and industrial sound mirroring the film itself.The themes of love transcending death resonated with the growing cult following, leaving many to outright reject the notion of a remake. However, the film did spawn three sequels and a television series that lasted a single season.

Edward R. Pressman said in a statement, “I am thrilled to collaborate with this talented team and return the Crow franchise to its roots for a new generation of audiences to enjoy.


The film is set to begin filming in 2017, having been rescheduled many times over previous years. Time will tell if it will continue full speed ahead as the studios are enthusiastically saying.

With many believing that the original film is sacred material, many are asking if they should even consider a remake of the property. There are strong feelings about Brandon Lee, his performance, and how he emulated Eric Draven. Others feel that enough time has passed that a modern refresh of the tale would serve the mythology well. Whether you want to see it or not, producers and studios have been trying hard for nearly a decade to make this happen, and there seem to be no signs that they’re going to give up anytime soon, even if they should.

As there has been for a great number of years, there is no release date at this point for THE CROW.

What side of the fence are you on? Should they continue to work to remake THE CROW? Do you feel like they should just leave the property alone and leave Lee’s performance as his legacy? Will you see a new, modern but faithful adaption of the film? We will continue to look for more details as they become available.