Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rocky Horror Picture Show

This weekend the biggest cult hit of all time celebrated its 40th anniversary. In New York City hundreds of fans and performers gathered from all over the world to celebrate the milestone at “The 40th Anniversary Rocky Horror Convention”. Stars from the film Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn and Nell Campbell were there participating in Q&As, signing autographs and spending time with their fans.


Before the screening on the Saturday evening of the convention Barry Bostwick accompanied his co-stars on stage wearing his “wedding scene” costume from the movie to the audiences delight but he wasn’t finished yet.


He tore off his pants to reveal the signature “Rocky Horror” stockings and garter belt and from the looks of it Quinn and Campbell were not in on it.


The celebration wasn’t limited to New York. Casts all over the country were hosting their own 40th Anniversary screenings to packed crowds. There are Rocky casts in almost every state, their continued dedication to this film that means so much to them is the reason it still screens to this day. Audiences have continued to go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show all these years because it’s more than just a showing of the movie. It’s a gathering place for people who want to have fun and express themselves. There are so few movies that can create an experience like that and none more effectively than Rocky Horror. That’s why it’s stood strong for 40 years and that’s why it’ll be around for another 40 years to come, every Saturday night at midnight.


At the Nuart in Santa Monica members of the first ever L.A. cast reunited to celebrate the occasion and to watch the cast they inspired uphold the 40 year long tradition.