THE WALKING DEAD explores the depths of madness, mutiny, loss, murder and telling the truth. Morgan is a new mad-man.

THE WALKING DEAD was hyper-focused on the intense evolution of Morgan and Carol getting back in the game.

According to Morgan Jones actor Lennie James, the death of Benjamin will be a major “jolt” thrust upon the character. James caught up with for an exclusive interview about the episode and opened up about how Benjamin’s death will affect Morgan.


I think it’s a combination of a few things,” James said. “It’s the pressure that’s been put on him to decide one way or another both from Carol and Daryl and Rick and Richard. So, it’s in his brain and I think, even after the death of Benjamin, he’s still trying to resist it. It’s another loss for Morgan, he was reluctant to take on Benjamin as he is taking responsibility for him and after King Ezekiel asked him to almost father Benjamin, it’s like Morgan reached out and cared for somebody else and that person was taken from him. I think it’s a jolt to his system and he’s still trying to navigate that jolt.”

“It’s okay. It’s okay,” Benjamin said. “To injure your opponent is to injure yourself.”

And AMC caught up with Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) and asked her about the new ‘Carol”

AMC: When Morgan is ready to pursue the Saviors himself, Carol ends up echoing King Ezekiel’s words and tells him he can “go and not go.” What does that mean?

MM: The first time King Ezekiel says it to Carol, it’s befuddling to her. Now she gets that it’s a safe haven and a respite for a minute. Go, but don’t go away. Take the time, but don’t leave us. Don’t go where we can’t find you. Be on your own and do what you need to do, but don’t go away.

AMC: By the end of the episode, King Ezekiel admits the Kingdom must fight. Is it exciting that more people are ready to rise up against Negan?  How ready are you for Carol to link back up with the larger group?

MM: I, for one, am so ready for it! [Laughs] I hate what he’s doing to our people. I’m so glad Carol is aware of what’s going on now. She had an inkling that something was up when Daryl came to the Kingdom. As much as she doesn’t want to do it, I’m so glad to see her initiate to King Ezekiel that they have to fight.

There were several things in this episode – seeing how broken Morgan and Ezekiel were over Benjamin’s death, realizing exactly who the Saviors are and the deals they make, and hearing that they’ve killed so many of her people in Alexandria. She was trying to save what was left of herself and that put Daryl in a horrible position to save the truth and not share that with her. I remember shooting that scene when Morgan tells Carol what happened and the first thing that came into my mind was Daryl sitting at that table over to my right, telling me what he told me, and I just broke. The heartache and what it meant for Daryl to keep that to himself — it broke her heart that he felt he had to do that, I think. So, it was a lot of things and now’s the time. I do believe this is the time to rise up. Enough already! There’s really no way around it. You can go but don’t go, but you’ve also got to get off your ass and fight! [Laughs]


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