Worth A Revisit: Horror Comedy Dave Made A Maze Is Amaze-Ing

Dave Made a Maze was a practical effects-heavy horror-comedy that a lot of us described as "the most jaw-droppingly original movie of 2017" (Roger's Movie Nation). We...

Scar’s Review of GOOD BOY [SPOILERS]

The young superstar horror reviewer Scar has been brought to our attention. Here she is reviewing Hulu's Into The Dark original film Good Boy with her Daddy.

Review: JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY is Totally Bonkers — and...

When faced with a film that completely defies description, you have to buy into the world the filmmaker has created in order to enjoy the experience. This...

Review: DEAD VOICES Flips the Script on the Found-Footage Genre

Before I dive into this review, I’ll get one thing out of the way first: I’m a big fan of the so-called “found footage” filming technique. I...

Review: Retro Cult Classic TURBO KID Out Now on Shudder

Turbo Kid is out now on Shudder, and if it's up your alley, you've probably already seen it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFlZ6pVtnv0

Review: WITCH is a Visually Stunning But Confusing Cinematic Fairy Tale

It’s all very clear... except when it’s not. You might sense a bit of wishy-washiness in that statement -- and that puts you smack-dab...

Review: THE PERISHED is a Compelling Drama, But Loses its Way as a Horror...

I was first intrigued by Paddy Murphy’s The Perished on the basis of its central theme -- which draws on the horrific history of Ireland’s “Magdalene Laundries,”...

Review: POV Zombie Tale BY DAY’S END Falls Short of Its Potential

Sigh... another found footage horror effort. Well, it’s not technically "found footage" -- it’s more of a first-person and security-camera-footage situation -- but it all falls under the...

Review: SCOPOPHILIA — Isolation, Technology, and Suspense

If you’re into films that wallow in reality rather than provide escape, Scopophilia is the perfect feature for these dark times of social distancing and quarantine. While...

Review: SPACE — A Sci-Fi Thriller About the Terrors of Isolation

Written and directed by Monte Light, Random Media's futuristic thriller-drama Space is set in the year 2050, where the BrightSTAR Corporation has launched the spaceship Udo on...

Review: THE HUNT Defies Expectations and Delivers the Gory Goods

If you have to pick just one movie to see in theaters this week -- not that we recommend that plan, considering the very real threat of...
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Review: THE INVISIBLE MAN is a Smart Take on a Timeless Classic

The multi-talented writer-director-actor behind the hit horror franchises SAW and Insidious, as well as the bloody indie sci-fi/action thriller Upgrade and outrageous zombie-comedy Cooties, Leigh Whannell has...