While Brian enjoys his new pal and all the shenanigans the two can commit during the late night hours, it’s soon realized that in order to keep visiting Maurice, Brian will have to abandon his family and become a permanent member of the monster world.  This is when things get downright creepy for a kid’s movie.hqdefault

Not particuMV5BMjAzODczNDM5NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjY2NDk0NA@@._V1_SX640_SY720_larly happy with the idea of a human boy just enjoying the perks of their world without committing to become one of th
em, Eric is taken hostage into the bowels of this secret world of monsters by a human-monster hybrid simply called Boy (played by the eternally creepy Frank Whaley, photo to the right) and the muscles of the operation, a steroid-riddled fur ball named Snik (Rick Ducommun, photo to the left).  This incites Brian to form a quartet with Maurice, the school bully Ronnie (Devin Ratray, who basically made a career playing pain in the ass big kids) and the school girl crush Kiersten (Amber Barretto) to take down Boy and Snik, saving Eric in the meantime.  I can’t recall a more unsettling scene than seeing Boy’s face melt off during the fiery climax of the film.  I know of many peers who admit to losing sleep over this particular scene and it still holds up on the creep-o-meter to this day.