TV Time Drive By with CB

Break-19 this is CB here with my first drive by review of horror on television. In my reviews you will find that I DETEST spoilers, so there will be none of those on my watch. This week I am going to place my focus on the all anticipated AMC series Preacher. This show stars Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun and Ruth Negga just to name a few. I must say that other than the brilliance in acting the direction made for some awesome viewing! This show, based on the writing of Garth Ennis and the artwork of Steve Dillon’s comic book series seems to have a great premise. I myself have not read the comics so I went into this blindly. In a slightly “Pentecostal” moment, I now see the light! This series premiere was so intriguing. Yes, it jumped around from Africa to Texas to Kansas to Russia; and I am still not sure on the reasoning for this, but it kept my engagement for ninety minutes.

Preacher AMC

This pilot episode was ingenious in leaving the viewer wanting more and craving the answers for what was happening. I envision this being a very successful series. My fans of horror; the level of blood, guts and brutality are more than adequately addressed so no need to worry loves! This series is going to be dramatic and intense in a way that is unexplainable. I was left perplexed at the end of the pilot but I am confident that throughout the season, I will regret the answers I seek; that is how good this show is! Without researching, without reading a synopsis, what I take away from what I have seen is simple. I see a man, the main character Jesse (the preacher) looking for redemption…but there is something in his past that keeps it at arm’s length. At the same time, there are supernatural forces arising and the viewer is not sure what they are. It seems to me a man left struggling with the all-eternal question of whether or not God is real, is the Devil real. That question is a double-edged sword for Jesse in Preacher. As I said, there are NO spoilers! What I will say is simply this, if you have not watched this show-you need to…NOW. I may not be a big name critic, but I know my stuff…and this show is going to have a following…so make like Jones and get on board!

Preacher on amc

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