The Curse of sleeping Beauty

A director takes a tale as old as time and injects horror straight into its jugular!

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time…No, this is not that! Pearry takes historical attributes from Brothers Grimm’s version of this classic and reconstructs a horrifying and enchantingly shot, THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY!


We begin this journey in a dreamscape. A man. A majestic beautiful girl asleep. As the color tones darken, the man is pulled emotionally to an image of a house and he wakes. Ethan Peck (IN TIME, THE SORCERERS APPRENTICE) plays this reclusive artist, Thomas Kaiser. Thomas is contacted and advised that his uncle, whom he never knew existed, has passed away and Thomas is to now inherit an ancestral mansion that has been in his family for generations. He immediately notices that the home is the exact one he has been seeing in his dreams so he packs a bag and immediately heads there. The home is large, aged and structurally very intimidating! Of course the electricity doesn’t work and Thomas scans the eccentric relics and mannequins. Assuming these mannequins were merely canvases for his uncles art, he continues his walk-thru. Loaded with creeks and questionable sounds, he meets the ambitious local realtor. Natalie Hall (TRUE BLOOD, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) plays Linda. The very first night, Thomas is thrust into paranormal activity on an entirely new level. India Eisley (UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, HEADSCAPE) portrays Sleeping Beauty / Briar Rose. Thomas and Briar build on their connection in the realm that she states she is trapped in. Thomas very quickly starts to uncover layer after layer of his true dark family lineage. He not only inherited the home but also an ancient curse stemming back to the Crusades. He is now the guardian appointed to keep that evil demons in the house at bay and if he gets too far from the home, it physically pulls him back! Linda brings Richard, a paranormal cleric, to the team. The amazing Bruce Davidson (X-MEN, CAMP HELL) plays Richard. And what they discover is an intense labyrinth through realms, demons, fallen angels and unforeseen doom.


The intense creative mind of, Mr. Pearry Teo (who made history being the first Singaporean to direct a Hollywood film), gives us his anatomized take on a fairy tale and reconstructs it into a horror story! And don’t let the title fool you. There are significant comparability to the Brother Grimm adventure but Pearry takes this film in its own unique direction! Usually one can see other films within a film. Even on that level, Pearry merely only gives a single shot or two in a single scene for you to drawn a comparison. But then it immediately owns itself as a “Curse” moment! The cast had a great chemistry. I do wish Ethan Peck had been more aggressive in his character. He has such a magnetism to him, this character struck me a bit too lethargic in response, both emotionally and physically, to the depth of story going on; and the role he played in it. The cinematography was beautiful! Very INSIDIOUS feel and CRIMSON PEAK intricate weaving of elements bread crumbing to the core dilemma. I did watch the ending a couple times. I will leave it at that! So, once upon a time, a film director took a tale as old as time and injected horror into its veins. Happily, ever after? You decide. “The Curse of Sleeping Beauty”.



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