On the veins of FX’s “American Horror Story,” AMC Studios has ordered a 10-episode drama series dubbed ‘The Terror.’  The series will be based off the 2007 bestseller by Dan Simmons and will be released in 2017.

History buffs and horror fans alike should be delighted for the new series as the storyline takes place in 1847 where the Royal Naval expedition crew is haunted by a mysterious predator.  Captain Sir John Franklin will relay his fictional account on this doomed expedition and the series will be adapted by David Kajganich (‘A Bigger Splash’).

Jared Harris (’Mad Men’) will portray the role of Francis Crozier, Captain of the ship, and Ciaran Hinds, who you might recognize as Mance Rayder on ‘Game of Thrones,’ will play the role of none other Sir John Franklin.

(L to R Hinds, Harris)

Reportedly, the series has been in the works for several years and Kajganich and Soo Hugh (‘The Killing’) will serve as the co-showrunners.

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