American Gothic Premiere & Bates Motel Season Finale (one good, one not so good)

CB here to give you the low down on the first episode of the much anticipated American Gothic. This thirteen part murder mystery airs Wednesday’s on CBS. The series starring Virginia Madsen, Justin Chatwin, Anthony Starr and Juliet Rylance to name a few peaked my interest in watching. The premise surrounds a prominent Boston family and the possibility that their fallen patriarch may have been a serial killer. The Silver Bells killer in American Gothic, is rumored to be loosely based on the BTK killer Dennis Rader. The killer in AG leaves a small silver bell at the scene of his crimes. The family stumbles upon a small box of silver bells, leading to suspense and questions throughout the episode. This show may change my mind as it plays out, but my prediction as of right now is that it is going to be one long drawn out finger pointing who-dunnit snore fest. I hope I am wrong!


Thankfully, for the sake of our beloved genre, we still have shows like Bates Motel starring Vera Farminga and Freddie Highmore that are doing very well. I just found time to clear off the old DVR and finished season four this evening. Managing to avoid spoilers since it ended prior, I was so pleased with the direction this show is going in. When Bates Motel first aired, I was concerned that it was not connecting as a prequel to the one and only Psycho. The writers have definitely turned this into a must see show in my opinion. The viewer is finally delving so much deeper into a young Norman Bates psyche, and it is one messed up place to be! It is not really a spoiler at this point, we all knew Norma had to die at some point or her corpse would never have ended up in that rocking chair! I guess it was just shocking to me because I adore her character on the show. No worries fans, Vera is not going anywhere! Norman is a little bat shit crazy as we know, so Mother will still be up and about in his mind. I personally cannot wait for the flashes of reality and the awesome special effects as we see her decay. Maybe I’m a little crazy! Regardless, this show is finally at a great place for very interesting things to occur!

Stay tuned!