Though ‘Top 5’ favorite season lists of AMERICAN HORROR STORY alter from fan to fan, one season that always makes the list is season 1, Murder House.With horror tv series innovators like AMERICAN HORROR STORY, audiences become emotional involved with the characters so when a new season begins, it is always fun to see where and why a familiar face pops up!


According to Entertainment Weekly, Murphy responded to a question about revisiting the setting from the Coven season by revealing that he’s actually going to combine it and the Murder House season into something “very bizarre.” He then clarified that he specifically means characters from Murder House will be interacting with characters from Coven, so this will be a full-on proper crossover and not more of the same directionless pandering. That being said, the biggest hurdle in making this thing work is actually getting the various people who played those characters on board. Murphy says he’s been “quietly” meeting with actors so he can establish a window of time in which they’ll be available, but whatever he’s scheming is so complex that it won’t happen next season.


AMERICAN HORROR STORY stands alone in its season-to-season storytelling and abundant visual majestic presence, but we can t be the only ones the need a more hearty descriptive from Mr. Murphy than just “very bizarre.’ For a series that has yet to NOT be very bizarre, it’s gonna take a bit more of a verbal seduction! For now, the thought of a season crossover that includes Murder House and Coven is very satisfying! Fingers, eyes and toes are crossed!

Just fun, lets look back:



Lets just go ahead and look back at them all!!

Source: Entertainment Weekly